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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Video: The Early Morning Drinking Culture of Ximeng, China

A lightweight reporter sets out to step up his drinking game in one hard-drinking Chinese county.

3 Substance

Appreciation of booze is universal, but the traditions surrounding its consumption vary across the world. In the interest of education, Vice sent correspondent MC Dawei, a Beijing-based “underground rapper,” to tour some of China’s booziest towns and provinces to “search for the essence of Chinese drinking culture.” In this video he visits Ximeng, an autonomous county located in China’s Yunnan Province, where the local Wa people brew their own Seijiu (liquor) and routinely start drinking around 9 am.

Despite being “a real hardass,” MC Dawei says he “can’t drink for shit,” and hopes his visit will help him step up his game. Watch his far-from-sober journey as he parties in the annual Wooden Drum Festival, drinks by day and through the night, learns to brew Seijiu, does some dancing and tries to match the locals drink-for-drink.