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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Your New Year’s Resolution to Quit Booze Will Probably Fail

According to a new poll, most drinkers aiming for a "dry January" fall off the wagon after 17 days.

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New year, new you! Right? You can do this! Or can you? Probably… for about two weeks.

Giving up alcohol for the month of January is apparently a popular New Year’s resolution. After all, many people spend the bulk of December pounding back drinks to keep up with all the pressure to be “merry” and “joyous” all the time. But while a dry January may seem great in theory, a new survey from the UK finds that most people who make this resolution only last 17 days. (Granted, that’s 17 whole days on the wagon! Congrats!)

The poll of 40,000 people, conducted by drink ordering service Orderella, also found some interesting tidbits about British drinkers’ habits. For example, those who go out to the bar are most likely to buy their first round at 6:04 pm. They will order four drinks on average, most commonly: two beers, a glass of red wine and a gin and tonic. And they will typically spend about $50 on the whole night.

The poll also found that drinkers spend an average of 19 minutes waiting at the bar on a typical night out. This might not seem like a lot, but apparently it’s seriously bumming people out. “Queuing can hugely impact our enjoyment,” said a spokesperson for Orderella.

But there’s good news for those who do manage to kick alcohol this New Year’s: The lines (or “queues”) for orange juice are usually pretty short!